Friday, July 4, 2014

Celebrating Nature

Hello everyone and welcome to the blog of The Tiny Artist! Tiny, because, well I'm short and small, and Artist, because, hmm, I have a strong passion for all things art, specifically, lettering and typography! With that, expect to see lots of those types of works, as well many more in the future! 

As of the moment, we're celebrating Environment Week in school through many activities, most especially in the science department. Some of the main lessons include the ways to reduce our carbon foodprints and air pollution. Also, in English class, we were assigned to take pictures of subjects representing issues in the country. Coincidentally, I chose the topic of environmental problems, and ventured around the streets, taking pictures of trash and the like.

Thus, I present a few of the images that I have taken in the form of a single picture! 
Lettering+Environmental Awareness!
The quote mentioned above, means so much to me, as it reminds me to always cherish the gifts of Mother Nature and to continuously take care of them! 

By taking small steps of action, we can all work together to save the environment! 

Go Green! Always!

-Bea :)


  1. I love your poster and photo! Happy environment week, ihihi.

  2. Omg, dude your blog is so cute!! Its so pro hahha I like your concept and theme for your photo, evwn the typography matches the theme. The font reminds me of plants. Environmental awareness huh, wow ;) Well done bro.